We are going to take a break this week from our clothing crush, MM. LaFleur and talk about makeup. It’s not something, like clothing, that can be outsourced. But when you find a good brand with some great basics, stick with it!

We visited Bobbi Brown Cosmetics this weekend as they have our all-time favorite bronzer,(Bronzing Powder). We were also wowed by their effortless, non-cakey foundation and powder. It’s our opinion that you can get away with a few staples without department store prices (pssttt, try Voluminous Mascara by Loreal) but with face makeup, you need a professional assessment.

Bobbie Brown, like MM LaFleur, has a relevant line for all ages that can cover any skin type. Perhaps because the founder is female. While the parent company is Estee Lauder, we can still see the female roots in the brand of Bobbi.

While we came in the store for bronzer, we walked out with a foundation skin stick ,concealer, and a powder.

Bobbi Brown is a perfect face collection with versatility for any age in the office.


Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
Bobbi Brown Foundation Sick
Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder




While obsession with one’s personal appearance is a sign of being a vacant prat, total oblivion to it is a sign of mental illness.” – Kate Cann11.png

Makeup and skincare are often overlooked in the corporate environment, however, they are both very important in your overall presentation. In short, it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you say if your face is saying something else. We aren’t implying that you need to spend a good deal of time or money on make-up and skincare, but that you do need to pay attention. Office makeup is tricky, but it’s usually safe to do less than more.

Head Shots

We will make recommendations periodically, but our best advice is to take a session with a makeup professional. It is a worthwhile investment.

** Head shots are especially important in terms of impression management. Often times social media outlets, particularly LinkedIn, are where you are going to make your first impression. Consulting with a makeup professional or having your make up done for these photos can play a critical role in receiving the phone call or e-mail you are looking for to make your next career move. **

Here at TheOProtocol, we met with a talented team of make up artists at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead, Atlanta to ensure our makeup would compliment our looks for a shoot later that day. Along the way we were given tips and tricks on how to perfect a professional look and preserve our makeup for all-day wear without going over the top.