Women Who Crush It Wednesday



We usually reserve this titling on our social media outlets to describe one woman, but this week we have a deserving group of power players both inside the office and inside their industry.  The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) has existed since 1938 and has heavily aided the professional growth of women in the accounting and finance field. Their values of empowerment, integrity, leadership, and passion are naturally embodied by their members.44982864_2242722399083226_1476114387721781248_n

I attended their annual conference this week and was greeted with smiles, easy conversations, and plenty of libations. They make an industry outsider feel welcome. I taught a class on how to appropriately present yourself and the importance of business protocol. I was surprised by the level of engagement and energy in the session. These remarkable women that are paid to have the right answer in numbers were extremely interested in obtaining the soft skills necessary to propel their careers into hypergrowth.

AFWA’s annual conference had a certain buzz about it. A positive, genuine, and social atmosphere where women can share stories freely about where they struggle, how they accelerate, and when to pause.45057820_2244176372271162_7815593177267568640_n

AFWA’s commitment doesn’t stop with their compelling blend of professional growth and technical refreshing seminars, they also give back to other women through scholarships. This year we heard from one of their scholarship recipients that is a non-traditional late bloomer. She went back to school and at the age of 48, passed the CPA, all because the AFWA believed she could. The best part was when she was called to the stage, her Uncle was in the audience beaming with pride and blurted out her childhood nickname. Seemed like she had a fan-base at home too.

Any woman in the accounting and finance arena stands to gain something from the benefits of AFWA. The resounding theme from the membership that I heard from was that they’ve gained so much professional development and personal growth by their association with the organization.

I’d urge all women regardless of career stage, to join an organization of women. As women continue to close the gender gap and accelerate their careers, we see civil rights issues hitting the front page of every paper. It’s a confusing time. One thing that we can all agree on is that women are undeniably popular, thanks to organizations like the AFWA, making the ladies of AFWA our Women Who Crush It Wednesday list!


#PSA, while at the national conference we hit up the Banana Republic Friends and Family Sale happening today through Friday. That’s 50% off for card members and 40% for everyone else. Kristen is a big fan of simple, polished dresses. She’s wearing the Ponte Flutter Sleeve Dress . Keeping with the red theme, I am wearing the Belted Pencil Skirt with the Plaid High Low Curved Hem Top. If you are in the market for a new coat, BR’s last a decade, really. It’s worth the investment. I’m wearing the Italian Melton Wool-Blend Military Coat.



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