Rent the Runway Rookie Edition: Order Miss

Work Wear

Today I’m going to show you my RTR miss. As I mentioned in my initial post, I had a certain criteria for what I was looking for when I ordered. The first dress was something I could wear to the office any day of the week and look great. I felt it was safe to say, I nailed it.

With the holidays right around the corner, I selected my second look, the Trina Turk Ana Sophia Dress, as something that could run double duty; I could wear it to the office AND to any corporate holiday party. While this look would look great at any holiday party or after work celebration, it’s sheer, lacy elements at the chest, arms and neckline and it’s keyhole back made it 100% inappropriate for the workplace.


This is not a knock on RTR (this is a beautiful dress), but simply a Rookie mistake. When selecting this dress, I focused on sizing but with it’s more unique design and intricate detailing, I didn’t investigate further. What I should have done was look for photos of women who have selected this dress AND checked out the fabrics. This would have given me a better idea of the areas that would have made this a workplace miss.

Overall, LOVE the dress but as far as double duty, this one will be on the 9-5 sideline.


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