Rent the Runway


A Busy Woman’s Best Friend

We will spend the next two weeks talking about how to best utilize Rent the Runway for work. As a veteran of the service, it’s a no-nonsense solution for me. Kristen will also be utilizing the service for the first time and she will review her thoughts as well.

I started using Rent the Runway years ago for special occasions. I looked at their subscription service, Unlimited, because I was frequenting events and didn’t want to go through the extra expense of owning evening dresses. When the special event season winded down towards summer, I held on to the subscription service for work attire. After baby 2, I realized that I could start investing in a wardrobe as I settled into my post-baby body.

Rent the Runway’s Unlimited plan is a great way to figure out what really works for your body and budget. With access to brands like Badgley Mischka, Derek Lam and Marni for $150 a month, it is a real label hound Mecca. For the rest of us, it’s a great way to have a rotating wardrobe without setting foot in a store. It’s also a great way to find your style through access to a plethora of brands.

The Unlimited plan allows for 4 pieces at a time. You can hold on to all, some, or none for however long you wish. I usually hold on to one piece throughout the month and return the other three for an update. I can count on 8 pieces a month and sometimes even more. As an added perk, Rent the Runway allows you to purchase the pieces at a reduced rate.

The benefit of a busy professional like myself is the clothing. Rent the Runway has jewelry, handbags, and outwear for those that are comfortable in their wardrobe but may be looking to accessorize.

Rent the Runway has been an asset in developing and maintaining my work wardrobe. I recommend it for any busy working professional as a time friendly alternative to finding your style without ever setting foot in a store. My tip is to pay attention to the reviews for sizing, as designers fluctuate.




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