The Office Protocol CLM: Casual Friday



The Office Protocol CLM: Casual Friday

Casual Friday is anything but casual. Initially designed to create a relaxed office atmosphere to cultivate inter-company relationships it has become a guideless presentation nightmare for most. We’ve seen great potential stalled and even ended because of poor Friday wardrobe picks.  Your choices will be judged, perhaps even more than during the work week. The terrible reality is your selections do make an impact on your career progression. Here then, is a list of reminders to keep your career in check.

Necklines: There is never a reason to show cleavage at the office. Your casual Friday neckline should never dip below the top of your cleavage.

Hemlines:  Just say no to miniskirts and short shorts, even if you have tights underneath. Even if those tights are opaque, it’s not appropriate.

Waistlines: Low rise anything communicates a relaxed and sometimes sloppy look. Casual Friday should still be a kempt and tidy look regardless of fabric.

Denim: Yes, if allowed in office policy. But, unless you are working for a designer, always opt for a dark-wash blue jean or white jeans in the warmer months. Ripped jeans or any fabric with tears shouldn’t be worn into the office.

Blazers: Just say yes. Blazers have a remarkable way of instantly pulling together your look.

Jewelry: Pull together the look with some jewelry. Casual Friday is a time that you can get away with the beaded necklace but not jewelry that jingles (save that for your personal holiday parties).

T-Shirts: ehhh, if allowed in office policy. Maybe paired with a blazer if you are naturally tidy dresser. Maybe not at all if you are stylistically challenged.

T-Shirts with Writing: No

General advice regarding casual Friday. If you can see yourself going to the club in the same outfit, then it’s not appropriate for the office. Instead, opt for sensible, tidy, and classic.

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