MM. LaFleur- Age Defying Professional Wear. Lynne & Caroline


You’ll see a lot of love from TheOProtocol to MM. LaFleur over the next week. With sizing from 0P – 22W, this brand has you covered from all angles. What we find most appealing though, is the age versatility of the brand.

Meet Lynne Lindsay and her daughter Caroline Lindsay. Lynne is an established advertising executive and Caroline is a recent college graduate with a background in marketing and sales. While in MM. LaFleur, this mother-daughter duo found more in common than they have in genetics. The brand is universal and the duo was attracted to the same pieces solidifying MM. Lafleur’s reputation of modern timeless classics.
Both the budding professional and established executive have a place at MM. LaFleur. They left with several pieces after our shoot. Two days later I saw Lynne in the blouse that left on her daughter Caroline.

Lynne & Caroline


Caroline in the Sohee Top in Lemon with the Sherry Dress worn in the faux-trench style


Lynne in the Agnes Dress

TracyHoexterPhotography-TheOprotocolMMLaFleur-155 (1)

Caroline in the Agnes Dress

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