Our Story


They say clothes don’t make the (wo)man, but appearances can certainly have an impact.


I’m Theo and I started my career in executive search shortly after college. Over the last two decades in the talent management business, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of personal presence. While some presence factors are innate, other factors can be taught.

To aide with my client base, in 2014, I hired a behavioral expert to join Meridian Group Partners, Kristen Ballou. Kristen’s experience in psychology and human behavior solidified my suspicion of how personal styling and impression management can influence careers.

Consistently complimented on my own style choices and curious about perfecting my presence within my business, I enlisted in the New York School of Business Protocol in 2017. This program is focused on providing the rules of business engagement, which also focused on the appropriate business styling protocol.

After seeing a void in appropriate fashion influences in the professional arena, TheOprotocol was conceived. Kristen and I hope it is beneficial and aides in the advancement of every woman’s career.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”   Edith Head


** Theo is wearing the Sarah Dress in Pomegranate and Kristen is wearing the Farnoosh Dress in Ink **