The Office Protocol “TheOProtocol”, was designed to help working women make simple effective choices to boost their careers and subsequently their confidence. Our mission is to level the playing field for women by providing sensible insight regarding impression management in the professional world.

Impression management is not limited to what you say, it’s everything your persona is delivering to your audience. From your clothing, to how you hold your hands when speaking, what takes center stage when making an impression is everything you are not saying.

Theo is wearing the Dolman Sheath Dress in Magenta

If you’re like many professionals without time, direction, or place to start, TheOProtocol is here to provide a What to Wear Road Map. You can find great looks for the office, work functions, cocktail hours, and casual Friday’s.

While you work to build your wardrobe, be sure to follow our site for updates, tips and articles on work do’s, don’ts and stories of successes and failures. We aim to equip and empower each of our readers so that they may stand out in the workplace and most importantly- feel confident in who they are as individuals and as professionals. We are not here to dictate. We are here to inspire and influence.

“You have seven seconds to make an impression; Make it good.”